The Northern Reach

The Northern Reach


To turn northward in the Kingdom is to run uphill. Moors rise into rocky highlands, filled with mountain pools and waterfalls, standing stones and heather-sloped downs. Winter hits harder north of the Hook, making food scarcer and the famed highland liquors tastier. The land turns ever more cold and inhospitable as one approaches the Northwall, beyond which Gwerin do not go. The vastness of the Valtava’s tundra stretches out beyond the Wall, climbing upward into the cold. On a very clear day, from the belltower of Cadfn’s Chapel one can see the icy slopes of the Skycrown Peaks glittering like celestial diamonds at the very crest of the horizon.



Major Characters

  • Morag Aodall, Lady of Dunsmuir
    • Raibert Aodall, her son and heir
    • Neirin Attley, Bishop of Dunsmuir
    • Rhona Brynadyffryn (née Aodall), Lady of the Westerhold
    • Jehanne “Jessie” Carraig, master of the High Pastures
    • Monroe Carraig, Reeve of Kircarreghlas
  • Myrron Llwyr, First Reaver
  • Rhys Galed, Quarrymaster
  • Penrod MacAnder, Sheriff of Hylan

The Northern Reach

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