The Peoples of Cyflawntir



From the forested slopes of the Tordn Fjell, Sjøbarn send their peerless sailors, merciless raiders, and master traders racing their swift ships along the coasts of Cyflawntir. Whether under white sails of commerce or red sails of war, Sjøbarns visitors are always feared—though not always in the same way.


Sjøbarn as a people are tall and strongly built. Both sexes average 6½’ in height’. They tend to be broad-shouldered, and show a sinewy brawn underneath the typical blue-white complexion, with chiseled muscles in youth that run to fat as they age. Sjøbarns hands and feet are webbed to the first knuckle, making them swift and powerful swimmers. Their resistance to physical punishment and to the elements is famous across the map.

Most, though not all, Sjøbarn sport horns. These tend to be small, smooth, pale projections from just above the temples, but larger horns are a sign of strength and fertility. Curling rams’ horns and back-swept antelope horns, in particular, are considered highly attractive. Wide moose horns are given to those characters in Sjøbarns stories who are supposed to be as dull as they are strong.


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